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So I'm bringing this back from the dead...

Meh. I guess this is where I post stuff. Random stuff, really. If you know me and you find this, great for you. If you don't, well, whatever.

Current Drama: Finding my voice type.
It's terrible.
I don't know what I am. I don't fit into any of the categories. I have been described as a 'spinto soprano' by my friends because I can sing high (but I'm more comfortable around Middle C) and a 'deep contralto' at the same time. In my opinion, I sound best from G3 to D5 (in American Pitch-Octave Notation system). I have reached up to an A7 and as low as E3. I go into Head Voice around C5 and Chest Voice at A4 (A below Middle C). As for the tone of my voice, well, I'll upload a sample eventually.

Operatic voice lessons would be awesome. You learn so much technique and stuff, it's really fantastic. The best way to utilize your voice so you don't damage it, proper posture, etc. It would be great if I had lessons. :D

Something that pissed me off today was someone recommending bad vocal technique to another person. On this thing called answerbag.com, someone was askign how to develop natural vibrato. Some 14-year old shows up saying there's no such thing as natural vibrato and it's all manufactured by pushing your stomach in and out. In every single thing I've read abotu vibrato, that is the #1 reccomended thing NOT to do, and this person is saying that it's OK to do it. Then the person asking the question shows up and says 'thanks!' I registered on the website to see if I could at least put in what I've heard about it:

"I've heard that vibrato is due to healthy and natural vibration of the vocal cords. I must say I disagree with Kaiitlyn; out of all the vocal theory I've read, from pop to chorus to classical, all said that pushing your stomach/diaphragm in and out to create vibrato is unnatural and uhealthy. I really wouldn't reccomend it - it may 'sound good', but you are putting effort on your diaphragm and you won't be able to effortlessly have vibrato like classical singers.

I'd reccomend investing in a vocal teacher, but if that's out of the question, look into your tongue position. A flat/retracted tongue isn't reccomendable as it puts pressure on the vocal cords. You have to be relaxed, have good breath and support, and then vibrato should come. Practicing trills is good as well. Trills are related to vibrato, after all. Look them up, I can't tell you much about this."

After I registered and activated my account, I still can't even rate the damn answer, let alone respond and put my opinion in! And maybe I'm acting like a know-it-all even if I've only had one vocal class and it was for chorus, but even that teacher said doing stuff like that is bad. I would have said the same thing in real life - I feel guilty that I couldn't have at least said something due to the site's crappy registration. If I could have at least put my opinion in - "Hey, I've heard that's style is bad for your voice. My vocal books and teachers reccomend this," then I would be okay. But now I feel bad because I'm being a know-it-all (and over the internet) and I feel as if I let someone do something that is potentially harmful. I just know that technique listed will lead to general fatigue and, in the long-run, vocal harm.

The whole thing took place here: http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/78819

But what am I gonna do?


Well, today was the suckiest last day of school ever. Some idiot pulled this water thing and dropped 10 gallons of water on herself. She then complained a week and a half of suspension was too much. THEN the lights went out. Some OTHER idiot pulled the fire alarm, severely pissing off the vice principal. So I had to stay in first period for around 2 hours. It was a hell hole, with around 5 people talking about 'orbs omg'. Supposedly ghosts that appear only in pictures. Then I dropped my camera, and I spent around 10 minutes trying to get it back on normal memory. THEN it started raining like hell. Include boredom for the next hour and a half. I KNEW I should've brought my DS> <_<



xD This is LimeCat. LimeCat is not pleased. Wait...

Wild LimeCat appeared!
Go, O RLY owl!
O RLY owl used O RLY attack!
It's super-effective!
LimeCat used TAGLIME!
LimeCat is not pleased!
O RLY owl cries!
O RLY owl is crying!
LimeCat scratches O RLY owl!
O RLY owl is still crying!
Items >V
......Green Antidote
O RLY owl is no longer crying!
O RLY owl used YA RLY!
LimeCat fainted!
Congratulations! LimeCat was caught! Give a new name to your LimeCat?
Yes >>No

xD This is what happens when you let me see a meme or whatever it's called.

Unfortunetly... 2 tests today. ****.


Only two days 'til the pwnsomeness called 'SUmmer Break' starts! ^.^ WE LEAVE FRIDAY OMG!

W00t. AND I'm having a party next Saturday. Double-woot.

But I feel rather mewllow...

AND I saw my pwnsome Animusic 2 DVD. I liked the first one better, this was still pretty cool. Specifically 'Resonant Chamber'.

I'm an idiot... I'm gonna try to play My GameCube on the computer. xP Wish me luck.

Well, that was random.

You know, if you've ever read TTYL, (a good book written in IMs), you will know this expression: tits, man. It's hilarious. OI tell them to my frienda nad they crack up. Srsly.

Well, today is a great day. Rly. Got 3 great test scores. Fwee. And I have around 700 posts on VNBlab...

On the downside, study study study for more tests, and I cant think of ANYTHING to write, my website's almost dead. x.x

At least there's Pi!

Also... do you guys like MoonMama's Silly Suns better than Bruce's Penguins? Please tell me. ;-;


Phear teh Watermelon... it pwns soo much. tyhe Kamikaze Water Melon! ^.^

Woah. o_o

I haven't updated this thing since, forever. Well... to start off...

Pikmin 2 is the best game evar.

Yup. I'm hyper. Ahem. See my new Userpic? That spider with a machine gun? I think that's a cute pic. o_o Umm... yeah.


Sep. 27th, 2005

Well, I feel lazy about my site. Blarg. Anyways... Blarg!

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Well, this is Panze the Penguin's first Livejournal entry. So.. yeah.