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Today, we're going to talk about the intonation of Russia. Examples from russiononweb.com.

Declarative Sentence: The tone starts out high and falls.

The following sentences have a high pitch on the first word and then fall brusquely for the second word.
Там дом. Там дым. Там он. Тут дно. Тут она. Там дуб.

The same applies for these. However, for "Там батон", the pitch starts out low and the rises and falls on the final syllable. On "Она была там", the tone rises on the last syllable of the first two words and then drops for the last word. The last two sentences do not vary much in intonation.
Там гора. Тут банан. Там батон. Она была там. Там окно. Клуб был там.

Interrogative Sentence: The tone is low in the beginning and rises sharply on the last word.
In longer sentences, the important object rises in pitch. "Это твой дом?" has a rise on твой. The intonation is similar to a somewhat surprised "This is your house, isn't it?"
Это он? Он там? Мост там? Восток там? Там гора? Там овраг? Там глубоко? Это твой дом? Это твой стул?

The other structures are missing sound samples, so this is all for now. :( The samples are here.