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001 Beginnings

PS: I'm posting this on Fanfiction.net, too. That is where I will link the prompt table to.
Title: How it came to be
Fandom: Super Smash Bros
Characters: The cast
Prompt: 001. Beginnings
Word Count: 819
Rating: G (for later prompts, it may get up to PG-13. Why? Well, check when the prompts go up.)
Summary: Master Hand suggests his idea to the executives at Nintendo. It's only wih some modifications that they might accept it...
Author's Notes: This is the first one. Hopefully they get better. Took 30 minutes to write. I tried to picture a glove talking to the executives of a company in my head, but that didn't work. Therefore, Master Hand shall have two forms - his human form and his glove form.

001. Beginnings

“Mr. Hand, I am sorry, but this is idea is insane.”
“It’s impractical. It would never work.”
“Who would you get for this? Who would buy this? This is different. How do we know it’s not gonna flop?”

The very, very white man backed off. The table full of corporate heads wasn’t as accepting of his idea as he thought they’d be. They were rather hostile, to tell the truth. How could he not have foreseen this?

“Guys, you…” He looked around. He had problems explaining his own idea to himself, and why it would work. How could he explain to all the strangers in the room who weren’t ready to accept change? It didn’t help that the room was barely lit, the people’s faces were obscured by shadows, and that it was too cold for his liking.

“You can’t understand, but I know it would work. You have to give me time to fiddle with it, to see just what more I can add. It’s just a skeleton now, but if you gave me time-“

“You basically want us to give you the rights for our biggest star to experiment with some crackpot fighting thing in hopes that someone will appreciate it,” another voice sharply interrupted. Despite the coolness, Mr. Hand was sweating heavily. If it didn’t work out with these guys, it was all over…

“W-w-what if it wasn’t just with, with Mario?” he asked. No one objected. “What if it was…an…an all-star thing where the… they all came together and people could see…they…” He looked around quickly. “They’d see…Pikachu…fighting with Link on…on the Great Fox!” he improvised. No one responded.

“The fans, they… they have been wanting to see this for…for a very long time, and it would really be treading new waters…opening up new ideas, and… you have to see the possibilities for this thing.”

One woman cocked her head to the side. “What, say, console, do you plan to release this idea on? The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is nearing the end of its lifetime. We are readying the release of the Ultra.”

In a normal situation, he would have laughed that someone actually said the full name of the SNES and called a system that everyone and their mom knew was gonna be called the Nintendo 64 by an outdated codename used for the sake of ‘hiding information’, even though the company itself announced the name.

However, this was not another situation. He felt the sweat build up on his brow.
“I was, actually, it would have been planned for the, for the Super Nintendo Entert-tainment System, but if you want something to come out soon for…for the Ultra, you can feel free to switch the project over. I guarantee it would be no effort for me.” Mr. Hand nervously smiled, knowing that a lot of the work he had gone into making his Mario fighting game on the SNES had just gone done the drain due to panic. He was lying through his teeth to make sure that his idea would be accepted, and in a different way than he envisioned. When he got home, there would be a lot of changing to do.

“…A release for the Ultra, you say?” she responded. The people all looked at each other, then turned to him. “Could you please leave for a minute?”

“Oh! S-s-sure, no problem, absolutely, anytime, I’ll be waiting outside, don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” He quickly left through the door.

Exactly one minute later, he was called back in. “Master Hand, come back in.” The very pale man went back through the door.

The man at the very back of the table stood up. Hand flinched. The guy was an anonymous shadow to him – the dark obscured every feature of him and rendered him a faceless silhouette.

“Mr. Hand, we have discussed your idea of the crossover fighting thing amongst ourselves.”
He’s going to reject it, Hand thought in a panic. All that work, all that fudging, for nothing. He’s going to. I may as well save him the trouble and leave now.

“So long as some modifications are made, we will allow you to experiment and broadcast your idea.”

Master Hand may have fainted at that very moment. “R-really? Modifications of what sort?”
The man grabbed a piece of paper. “For one, we dislike the name. It’s boring, it’s unnatural, it’s too serious. It goes against everything Nintendo stands for.” The white man shuddered.

“The franchise will be known as something that makes people go, ‘Hey! I know that’. It will be recognizable. It’ll touch on its roots as that Mario thing you wanted but at the same time, expand in new directions. It will be great.

“We’ve talked with our advertisement guy here, and he’s got a tentative suggestion. I seriously love it, though. How do you feel about, say, ‘Super Smash Bros.?’ as a title?”

Aaand that's it. Reviews would be appreciated.