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The Brawl soundtrack is AMAZING.

No wonder it's the only thing those troll reviews didn't dare touch. The Pokemon music is like, Marching Music. It's epic. ;-; It's orchestrated and doesn't suck (often people think orchestras are the key to a good song. It only ends up bloating a good song on many cases).

The Star Fox music is like this: DANCE REMIX.
Yeah. The Star Fox 64 Music is now remixed for dancing. That was so unexpected. And works quite well. I love it. The Star Wolf theme is orchestrated and it's absolutely lovely.

The Mother Theme of Love is amazing. It's like some sort of power ballad or rock ballad. It's really nice and up-tempo.

The Ridley music is dangerously threatening. I can't wait to do the Ridley Boss Fight in the game with this music. ^^

The Jazz rendition of the Meta Knight ship thing is fantastic. It's about time we got some jazz in here.

I don't care much for the opening theme. It sounds too cynical and caustic. It didn't have the uplifting feel that Melee's did, with that fantastic string intro and then the soaring flute part... the latin choir doesn't help, and it sounds kind of depressing, actually. The a capella part near the end is where things start to pick up, and from then on it's acceptable. I now wait for a disco remix.

So yes. Buy Brawl so we can get a Soundtrack. The music is just so glorious and fantastic...it's an eargasm.