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Whining about the Roster

Spoilers for SSBB ahead. Don't read if you don't spoilers.

Super Smash Bros Brawl was released in Japan a few days ago, and the whole roster was leaked a logn time before that. On GameFAQs it was the infamous '35 Character roster' and most everyone hated it because it was so dissapointing. And unrealistic. Wolf was in but Krystal wasn't? ROB was the 'WTF Character'? Freaking Toon Link? Was that supposed to be CD-i Link? XD

Well, the 35 Roster was true. Ridley was a boss. Krystal was a cameo in Lylat Cruise (THANKS FOR MAKING A BIG DEAL ABOUT IT KRYSTALS VOICE ACTOR AND REMOVING THAT YOU WERE VOICING KRYSTAL IN BRAWL COUGH COUGH). Insert other expected character here that didn't make it.

I am disillusioned with it. I know I will love this game, but the roster has left a sour taste in my mouth.


Well, first of all, many characters were cut from Melee. Why do this? They already added clones, so why not bring back the clones from Melee and pad out the roster and make it bigger? Mewtwo, Roy, Dr. Mario, Pichu (we dunno if Young Link = Toon Link). Also, we have 2 Fox Clones, amounting to three characters from the same series with similar movesets. Falco has a Landmaster as his final smash. Falco says in SF64 something like 'You'll never catch me in one of those, I'll always be in the skies.' It's so out of character for him to have a Landmaster. And if Wolf has a Landmaster...yikes. Does Wolf even know what a Landmaster IS?

Metroid and F-Zero still have one rep. Zero Suit Samus? Why not Ridley? The whole of GameFAQs and Smashboards could come up with a moveset for him and yet professional developers couldn't? I don't understand this. Also, F-Zero deserves a 2nd Rep. Earthbound/Mother and F-Zero have been on the same page for two games, and considering that F-Zero sells more and has more games than Mother, it should have at least gotten the infamous Black Shadow (Wonkykong you are evil) with Ganondorf's old moveset. Oh, and Ganondorf should have gotten a different moveset.

R.O.B. as the surprise character...ouch. Only reason I excuse this is because the Aincent Minister IS R.O.B. and I think that makes for an excellent plot twist. At least Sakurai put him to good use. ;) I got over R.O.B. quickly.

Ness and Lucas should have had more differences, but considering that there is a backlash against both for being so similar (Ness in particular, since everyone expected him to be gone what with 'up until now' and Lucas having all his moves) so I'm just glad Mother got 2 reps. ;o;

Lucario, I don't have much of a gripe with. Uh, yeah. He stole like, 3 moves from Mewtwo but that's it. I guess he's got Mewtwo's spirit. I never cared much for Mewtwo so I didn't mourn much, but I know there he had his fanbase.

And...yeah. That's it. The way the characters were revealed was the worst part. If we got stuff like Wolf, Ness/Lucas (close to each other, not Lucas on his own), Toon Link and Falco early on, then we would have been like, 'OMG' at Olimar (whom I adore) and Pokemon Trainer and would worship the roster.

But the rest of the game is pretty good. SSE is very promising (loving the cutscenes - expect to see AMVs from me!), but only 4 bosses from any Nintendo Series - Ridley, Rayquaza, Porky, and Petey Pirahna. Sorry, but what happened to 'personal burdens and history'? I dunno. It WAS kind of suspicious Petey was the only one updated as a Boss, and we didn't see it coming. But as I said, the rest of the SSE makes up for this. The Ness/Lucas scene is so awesome.

Who's Taboo?

The worst part is that there was only .5 new female characters. HALF A CHARACTER. And it was basically Samus as a walking sex statue. Can you see why I'm pissed? We got half a character when we could have gotten Krystal or something. OMG the whole thing is now a huge sausage party ><. They were doing so well in Melee.

I guess this can be summed up by saying, 'We had a fantastic start and a wild ride, but we found our (final) destination was different than expected.' I WILL love this game (and I am having a party for it on release day <3) but I have a bit of a problem with some of those things. I do know Sakurai and the team worked hard on this, and they will have earned my 50 bucks on March 9th.

To tell you the truth, the guys who did the best job are the musicians. I want this game's soundtrack. They SHOULD have a soundtrack. Please?

Oh, and epic job on the 'tea time' thing. Tea time! Heh.